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10 Cool and Awesome Inventions You Need to Know..

  1. Bike Lane Safety light

cool bike lane safety lights let you create your own bike lanes at night.


2.Stick and find stickers

these little stickers can help you to locate anything, that you would stick them upon .Stick-N-Find

3. BendDesk

BendDesk-is-a-Workstation-and-Multitouch-Computer-in-One4. Auto inflating tyres

These cool cycles are designed to auto inflate the tyres accordign to the terrain .Auto-Inflating-Tires-You'll-Never-Need-a-Bike-Pump-Again

5. Cool one wheeler bike

this cool one wheel bike does looks badass!motorcycle-unicycle

6. Electricity free phone speakers

Not sure they are fooling us or a real invention , but these speakers are very eco friendly .Electricity-Free-iPhone-Speakers

7. Floating speakers

Are you planning for a pool party ?floating-speakers8. RGB color spray


9. WiFi antenna booster

boosters will help you increase the range of your Wii Router.WiFi-Antenna-Booster

10. Cool milk cartoon that changes color before expiry .Milk-carton-that-changes-color-as-the-milk-expires