Power Ray Drone Does Not Conquer, But Mares In Water.

When we talking about drone First thing comes in our mind a flying object that can move in the sky.

which is assembled with high definition  camera, night vision and many more other things to monitor or spy.


However Power Ray changes the definition of drone and introduces a new concept and its habitat by which it moves.

This drone does not fly in skies, but mares in water. This PowerRay Drone is specially design to work underwater.

With a 4K camera, 12-megapixel image, 32 GB of storage and a design that intently resembles an aquatic animal,

the PowerRay Drone is certainly a unique Drone for fans of the ocean and the secrets and techniques that it hides.

Innovation in which agencies like DJI has no longer been able to develop and that small startup starts to cowl.