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5 excellent Futuristic Upcoming Smartphones 2017 | Future Phones 2017

top 10 nice latest upcoming smartphones 2017 they are simply gonna rock the generation international with their awesome capabilities, high-quality first-class and the distinctiveness. The smartphones may have a few signature specs in order to differentiate them from each different. due to the market competition, the groups are just trying their exceptional to be the market leader in 2017, that is the particular motive that we are getting day by day new and new improvements from special manufacturers. The gadgets which are predicted to be the Flagship and excellent upcoming smartphones in 2017 are listed below.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 (Edge)


The phone will launch at MWC (mobile world Congress) 2017, as we all recognise that Samsung ‘Galaxy S series’ flagship smartphones are usually launched throughout this occasion. however, this upcoming cellphone can also be launched before MWC in January 2017 because of the huge failure of the Galaxy observe 7, according to currently reports.


  • 4K screen display
  • Snapdragon 835 processor
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 5G Network supported

2. Apple iPhone 8



  • Upgraded Apple A11 chipset processor
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Reversible USB charger
  • No headphone jack this time
  • Slimmer iPhone ever created
  • Iphone 8s will start from – Rs. 61454.72 in India and USD $937

The iPhone 8 of Apple may be the best ever created in human records, as of now this tool grow to be the pleasant upcoming phone that the people are eager to recognize more approximately. Apple has impressed this time with its dual camera concept in iPhone 7 Plus, however they didn’t provided a dual digital camera in iPhone 7. however, if iPhone 8 launched in two versions which isn’t clear but, then each devices might be full of a twin camera idea as we believe.

3. HTC 11


As all of us realize that HTC is one of the largest phone makers gift within the international, and the company is widely known for its highstop flagship devices. The 2016 became a exquisite 12 months where we’ve all skilled some of the tremendous smartphones. within the preceding 12 months we’ve also witnessed HTC’s wonderful phone which is known as as HTC 10, the device is very incredible in terms of design, they’ve implement a pleasing crafted chamfered body, the smartphone also packs a awesome camera, that is appreciated via most of the big marketplace gamers.


  • RAM:8GB
  • camera: 12MP-dual ultrapixel
  • Display: 5-inch QHD
  • memory: 256GB of inbuilt
  • processor: Snapdragon 835

4. LG G6

After the release of LG G5 in MWC 2016 they’re now looking at the next massive recreation changer or so that it will be the sucessor of LG L G5. The previous LG G G5 recognised for its modular designe, however this time as aper leaks and rumors from the market they’ll now not introduce a modular layout with LG G6 which you can additionally look within the leaked image underneath.


The device might also release in MWC (cell world Congress) 2017. the imminent phone will come ready with Snapdragon 835, now the 821 is nearly utilized in all the principle flagship device, that’s the cause that they will search for another upgraded processor so one can be Snapdragon 835 processor. The LG G6 will include dual cameras setup which you could study the snap shots beneath, which is too not unusual nowadays, there are numerous twin digicam telephones within the marketplace, but it will likely be suitable to see that what they may be sincerely going to offer

5. OnePlus 4 

OnePlus 4 may be the successor to OnePlus three. but it’s miles clean that this tool will be more green and effective than its previous version. The preceding model OnePlus 3 is pretty well-known for its camera and performance that’s virtually enough to affect you. And now the humans are waiting for a few improvements in OnePlus 4 if as compared with different upcoming smartphones.


For the specs, now it is very tough to say something about this tool however as you all recognize that we’re widely recognized for this component, so permit’s attempt to find out a few specs of OnePlus 4, with proper motives. The cellphone can be available with 21 megapixel digicam instead of last used 16MP camera. the upcoming telephone Oneplus 4 can be equipped with 8GB of RAM yup you heard correct because now the 6GB RAM telephones are not unusual which we can seen in various gadgets like OnePlus three, Le max 2 and many others too. The display exceptional we’re at least expecting (1440 x 2560) while in OnePlus three it only has (1920×1080) decision display. In terms of processor it will be filled with Snapdragon 830.