Ferrari F80 Supercar a Stunningly Beautiful Concept Design Makes You Crazy for It | weebsly

this stylish supercar idea depicts the future for car brand, ferrari. italian designer, adriano raeli, created the ‘F80′ at the same time as studying transportation design in pasadena, california. based totally in san francisco, raeli has create several charming renderings, that each one exhibit a completely unique and real interpretation for a spread of italian vehicle manufacturers.


though it’s far just a virtual idea, Raeli’s vision for the futuristic Ferrari is clearly lovelyconsisting of fluid aerodynamics and minimalistic accents. This automobile is absolutely area-age, with sizable, swooping bodywork and an aggressively crouched stance harking back to some thing from an Issac Asimov tale. The entire concept started with paper sketches, moved swiftly into 3-d rendering software program application (Rhino 3D), and at closing right right into a clay model. Raeli occasion went as a ways along together with his idea as to outline a completely unique hybrid device to strength the F80 – one factor both enthusiasts and environmentalists can agree on. The idea is in reality a dual carriagewayfelony F1 car, and the massive apertures between the wheels and body are the most important visible cues of that.