Honda Civic Type R Capture Fastest Lap Record At Nurburgring | weebsly

Here is the fastest front wheel drive car to impress you all

The hunk Honda Civic Type R just launch a few weeks back. The car has beautiful looks with top-notch features. Well the performance of this 2017 Honda Civic Type R were just tested at the Nurburgring track this week and it totally performed best up to its reputation.

Last year in May, Honda lost its title of fastest record to Volkswagen. However it seems that Volkswagen was not here to celebrate for long as Honda Civic Type R again achieved the record back for Honda. This Honda super awesome front wheel drive car has just proven that There is no other car as fastest as honda civis typr R car with front wheel drive.

The car made a new record of overcoming the lap in 7 minutes, 43.8 seconds. This gave it an advantage of 5.41 seconds over Volkswagen. Last year, the feat was achieved by Volkswagen GTI Clubsport.


The VW GTI had a power output of 305bhp. Honda made certain that it places greater strength this time. fortuitously the eu version of 2017 Honda Civic type R comes with an output of 315bhp. it’s far powered by means of a 2.0 liter turbocharged l4 engine. together with that, the tremendous the front wheel power of the car gave it an side on remaining year’s GTI overall performance. accordingly it managed to make a new document.

the alternative capabilities that accounted for this win encompass lighter weight of 2017 Honda Civic type R, a longer wheel base, an terrific suspension and fats tires to paintings with multi-hyperlink suspension. The manufacturing of 2017 Honda Civic type R will start in this summer season.