iBackPack is a smart bag with Inbuilt Speakers, USB Charging, GPS tracking and Wi-Fi Hotspot | weebsly

shopping for a new backpack, or  perfect bag to use as a carry-on item on your frequent flights. Chances are you are looking for small,compact luggage pack but with a tech twist. fitting in your needs for laptop, tablets, Bluetooth speakers etc. Search ends here Indiegogo iBackPack is your destination for that ultimate backpack.


It comes with 4 USB ports that can be used for charging your gadgets, a GPS system that helps you to locate bag, Bluetooth proximity sensor, a WiFi router turning your backpack into your own mobile hotspot and comes with 2 8000 mAh batteries helping you to recharge your phones. On top of that, the laptop has a Bluetooth sound system and a retractable power cord and wall charger that can be used to charge either the internal batteries or the laptop stored in the bag.
The cheapest iBackPack cost $149, but it excludes WiFi-Hotspot and should ship next march.