Kaalink Device Turns Air Pollution Of Automobile Into Printing Ink | weebsly

An MIT spinoff organization in India is featuring a novel way to air pollutants issues in Asia — turning car exhaust into ink.

It includes attaching a device, known as a Kaalink, to the business end of a wellknown car exhaust pipe. The Kaalink filters unburned carbon emitted by incomplete engine combustion. The technical info of the manner are mystery, however officials at Gravinky Labs, a spinoff organisation from MIT Media Lab, said the manner is largely mechanical and comparatively straightforward.


“Our tool is designed as a clever fusion of electronic sensors, mechanical actuators and a collection gadget,” business enterprise co-founder Anirudh Sharma told Seeker in an e-mail trade from India. “it is retrofitted to the exhaust pipe of cars and mounts thru a triangulated screw/clamp-set.”