LG Gram 14 Laptop Is Lighter, Bigger, Stronger And 21-Hours of Battery Life at CES 2017 | weebsly

it’s no longer regularly that the design functions of a device outweigh the cost, however the LG Gram 14 laptop is displaying off just that. With a purported price factor of $850, the LG Gram 14 laptop is full of an Intel center i5 5200 processor, 8GB of DDR3L RAM and a 128GB SSD. The laptop is available in at 2.16kilos and is saved pretty slender and compact with a steel body manufactured from nano carbon magnesium alloy.


The LG Gram 14 computer seems tremendous from the above specs, but it’s rounded off with a battery p.c. that is supposed to provide up to 21-hours of usage on a unmarried fee. that is fantastic for top rate laptops, so seeing the sort of wide variety connected to a pc at this rate stage is intriguing.