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current medicinal drug often appears like magic: A technician pricks your pores and skin, draws a drop of blood and whisks it away into every other room. frequently, this gives the health practitioner enough facts to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. however for people in developing countries, these styles of diagnostics may be extra technological know-how fiction than fact.

current medicine is predicated heavily on era, like centrifuges, that are high-priced, bulky and require energy. in many places around the world, this sort of equipment may be difficult to return through. however in a brand new take a look at published on-line nowadays (Jan. 10) in the magazine Nature Biomedical Engineering, researchers described an cheaper, hand-powered centrifuge it truly is based totally on an ancient toy and will assist medical doctors running in growing countries.

The centrifuge is the workhorse of cutting-edge clinical laboratories. The device spins samples at high speeds to separate particles or cells primarily based on length and density, effectively concentrating precise additives. maximum diagnostics “are like looking for a needle in a haystack,” said Manu Prakash, lead researcher on the new examine and an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford college. A centrifuge, Prakash said, puts all the needles in a single area, making them easier to discover.