Samsung Going To Be Happy Because Researchers Create Battery with Built-In Fire Extinguisher | weebsly

This news is for all samsung lovers

Researcher includes a chemical inside the battery that can extinguish flames in less than 0.5 second.

Batteries can be risky. Last year, Samsung recalled a entire series of its new released phones because the lithium-ion batteries had a habit of exploding, and they were far from the first ones to do so.


it’s easy to forget about that batteries are basically tiny bombs. They save huge quantities of power and are designed to launch that energy on command. usually that occurs gradually, but occasionally something can go wrong and all that power is launched unexpectedly. this could be the end result of a integrated illness, overchargbuilt-ing, or harm.

A group of Stanford researchers are finding the way to solve this issue by developing a lithium-ion battery with a built-in fire extinguisher. Their battery contains small shell which has triphenyl phosphate (TPP), a fire extinguish, which is placed within the electrolyte liquid inside the battery. The shell is designed to soften at excessive temperatures, round three hundred degree Fahrenheit, releasing the TPP.In laboratory tests, this setup manages to extinguish fires in about half a second, long earlier than any serious damage can be done.

Source: BBC