A Small Glass Disk Can Hold 360TB Of Data | Scientist Discovered Eternal Data Storage Method | weebsly

there’s no way to shop records on one device for without a doubt extended intervals of time. however that could now not be authentic because of a discovery made by the college of Southampton. Scientists have effectively used nano-based glass to create a process for recording and retrieving records. The storage tool is a small glass disk approximately the scale of an American quarter which can maintain 360TB of data and remain intact up to 1,000°C. which means its average shelf lifestyles when held at room temperature would be approximately 13.8 billion years (kind of the same quantity of time the universe has existed).

records is written on the tool the use of an ultrafast laser thru brief and intense light pulses. each report is written in three layers of nanostructured dots that are handiest five micrometers apart. when study, the information is realized in 5 dimensions: the three dimensional role of the nanostructured dots as well as their size and orientation.