Tokyo Olympic 2020 Medals for Games Will Be Made from Recycled Electronics | weebsly

Old electronic device will go for the gold, as organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have announced their plan to supply the gold, silver and bronze wanted for the games‘ medals from discarded smartphones.

Tokyo 2020 organizers announced this month that every one of the Olympic medals may be made from recycled substances. The agenda for Tokyo 2020, that’s described as a “strategic roadmap” for the event, specially calls for the inclusion of sustainability in every element of the games. Organizers stated they may be additionally working to have interaction the japanese population in the event. As such, the committee has invited people to take part, asking residents to donate their discarded or out of date electronic devices.


The assignment‘s intention is to collect approximately 8 tons [7.25 metric tons] of steel, on the way to be recycled all the way down to approximately 2 tons [1.8 metric tons] — sufficient to produce 5,000 medals for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic video games, in keeping with the committee