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Top 10 most anticipated games for PS4

This year is going to be great for PS4 users. There are many new realeases lined up for 2017. The games not only excel in the graphics but also for storyline.

Gravity Rush 2

Release Date: January 18, 2017

Weightless jumping over the world of Hekseville will always be exciting. Adding to it the anime character Kat, this game will be all about messing with gravity and solving puzzles. Walking on walls, switching gravity in mid jumps, strolling ceiling and many other elements all defying Gravity. Its gorgeous anime style will be an extra making this game beautiful.


Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard.

Release date: January 24, 2017

Yes they are back. RS7 marks the movement of this series from action to jump scare horror. Begining gameplay has already its movement to exploring creepy hallways, uncovering clues for movement through the game, escaping gruesome deaths and escaping from baker’s family. And if you are really a brave heart try the VR version of this game.


For Honor

Release date: February 14, 2017

It will see warriors facing off in one to one battles. This makes it a big deal as lot of emphasis will be given to multiplayer. Team will be split into 2 with 4 in each team and attacking each other till one of them vanishes. Although AI componients will be present but it is more focussed on one to one players attacking each other.

Your skills will be one taking you forward and winning the ruthless, gruesome battle.


Sniper Elite 4

Release date: February 14, 2017 


Sniper Elite series has always been satisfying exercise requiring a lot of patience. This latest adventure looks even more difficult taking the stealth component even higher. This time we will move to Italy, individual levels are sprawling open world terrains with lot of side objectives and new ways of slauthering enemies. And yes X-Ray cams are back and even gorier than before.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Release date: TBA 2017
Who can ignore the brilliance of naught dogs and their Uncharted 4 brilliancy? The beautiful locations, extreme chases, strong story line. You name a component and you get best from them. This time we have reached India. And we will get more time to spend with our favourite Chole. Set in beautiful Western Ghats our new hero grantees new adventures. The tusk of Ganesh as ultimate reward. Welcome to the land of spirituality and brilliance of naughty dogs.


Read Dead Redemption 2

Release date: TBA 2017
Red dead redemption, this name itself speaks a lot about why it is most anticipated. One of the prized game of Rockstar which never came for PS4. But its sequel is back. What not to anticipate with this game, Beautiful settings, massive open world, lot of detailing, massive multiplayer, multiple characters narrative. It will be a dream game to play this year.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Release date: February 28, 2017

What do you dream of an open world? Let’s list out some of them. Unique new universe, completely different from what you have ever played. An epic story line including fate, destiny. Also a great combat, new weapons. What if I give you robotic dinosaurs also? Welcome to Horizon Zero Dawn. It will give everything which we discussed and adding certain different features will make it the best.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Release date: March 21, 2017

It’s been a long time since Captain Shepard took out reapers and saved our earth, but universe is infinite and so are the possibilities of adventure. Bioware has kept details under wrap but seems is hunt by humanity for a new home. Other component like romance, conversations, and shootings all these things will remain same.


Injustice 2

Release date: May 16, 2017

Batman, Superman, and a slew of other heroes and villains are back to duke it out in Injustice 2, Netherrealm Studios’ return to the slick new engine that powered Mortal Kombat X. There’s a ton of fanservice in this 2.5D fighter for anyone with even the slightest knowledge of DC Comics, and Injustice 2 is taking an interesting gamble with the addition of gear in a fighting game, gathered over time to give your preferred character enhanced abilities and a personalized look


Outlast 2

Release date: TBC 2017

Blake Langermann, a freelance cameramen has gone to visit a small town, investigating modern of young pregnant women. What follows is same non-combat horror we saw in original. Trailers make it chilling and jump scare horror.