A French startup ‘Energysquare’ has developed a new technology of wi-fi charger which includes metallic stickers in order to allow you to charge more than one gadgetssimply by using placing them on an extremelythin pad.
Energysquare is a part system that includes a charging pad and a sticky label that is place at the back of any device.
The sticky label features two tiny metallic dots (electrodes) along with a connector this is plugged into the charging port of the device.
The device is then positioned at the pad to start charging.unlike different wireless chargers, which use electromagnetic induction, Energysquare relies on electric conduction, ‘CNET’ stated.
This allows for more than one gadgets to charge concurrently at speeds that are comparable to a regular charge.
The corporation released a successful marketing campaign on popular crowd-funding internet site Kickstarter last 12 months and has showcased the product at the continued CES trade show in Las Vegas.